Look for clues
Your are trapped in this room. In order to find the key for the door, you have to search for something helpful, such as books. You should pay attention to these characters and numbers in the room.

Play with interesting things
Oh, you can find in this room almost everything is interactive. For example, aircraft toys is quite tenacious. You could find the reason in this game. By the way, when you are play with such things ,you may find the clues by accident.

Release yourself
When you get home from work, you may can release  yourself by this game. By using the LP record ,you can listen to some music. Hope it can relax yourself




TaiXing VR Studio,  founded in 2017, is located in HangZhou and constituted with more than 20 talents, Game designers, Programmers, Concept artists, 3D artists, Propaganda and Release; experienced in Unity Engine and PC platform games; most members served in leading game companies; several worked and lived in North America and Europe.



地址: 良睦路1399号梦想小镇创业大街35栋 
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